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Learnings from Backpacking in South America

novembro 23, 2011

Dear Reader,

First of all and very important, the next sequence of posts will be managed in English. Why is that? True story is that my partner (B) in this blog and I got to know to many nice and interesting people during our trip and would be a shame to mention them here and not giving them the opportunity to read this. I hope you all enjoy!!!

Good thing about my trip is that I wrote down some of my thoughts during it at my Moleskine, which will not allow me to forget any important place that I visited, people that I got to know and some funny stories to tell you. My idea is to post about the places that I visited, but instead of starting within the first city Lima, I’ll start the other way around with some of the most amazing stuff that I saw, learn or just would like to comment with you, during this 20 days traveling:

1. Jorge e Matheus is a BIG success everywhere. This is amazing, but even though those guys sing in portuguese, we listened them in Peru, Chile, Argentina and heard from our friends they are also huge in many other Latin America countries. Can you actually believe that? You don’t know who are these guys? Here is a small video for you to check:

2. Did you that in Sweden, if a girl touch your arm during a conversation in a nightclub, this basically means you are getting lucky tonight? Awsome! Btw, swedish are definitely the coolest europeans ever.

3. Everyone talks about argentinean meat, but the true is the best steak I ate was in Chile. Have you ever heard about Waygu steak? Gosh, I still don’t which part of the cow is it (which might be good), but it’s definitely the best one.

Where can you find a good Waygu steak in Santiago (Chile)? Try the Epicureo ( restaurant at Bellavista. It’s just as good as it is lovely.

4. Belgium guys speak the best spanish. All right, all right, I admit I just got to know one guy from Belgium (Thomas), but he made me believe that.

5. Macchu Picchu is not the same thing if you don’t climb Wayna Picchu, so DO IT. Here is a picture to prove it.

6. Everyone says that German people are cold, but believe me they are not. The most lovely girl that I got to know this trip was from Germany (Little A) and not only her, but everyone was just great, even though I used the sentence: “Aber, mein Deutsch its kaputt.” way too many times.
7. Nobody is as passionate for life as brazilians.
Well, I could keep writing and writing here for hours, but I’ll save for the next posts.
Cheers, Beijos, Küssen, Saludos,
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