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Drive… to Brazil

novembro 25, 2011

I’m not really sure why Brazil is not a place for movies… Maybe because we don’t have money, maybe because Europe is more “developed” in that producing, directing, creating things. You always hear about a french movie or a german movie, maybe a norwegian movie, but never a brazilian one. Ok, I know, Cidade de Deus, but that’s like an unicorn and you have to admit it, it will take another 50 years until we have another good chance of showing the world we can come up with something useful. For me is only free violence and a side of my country that can’t be called cultural.

No, I’m not into movies and yes, I believe that 600 million dollars in footage is stupid, but I’m the guy not making the same amount of money as those famous hollywood bastards. But, this is not about Hollywood, or me (it should), or Brazil itself. Is definitely about some great stuff going on around the world that we do not have the chance to see it down here.

A swedish friend said to me: “dude, have you seen Drive? Amaaaaaaazing movie. You MUST watch it!”. Ok, so what’s this Drive movie? Bad history, bad actors, bad publicity, great movie. How? I don’t know, I work with economics you idiot, not with advertising. Anyway, the history is about this stuntman who gets involved with a girl, who is married to a prisioner and, obviously, he gets in trouble with the mob. I said the history was bad… Look at the Storyline IMDb came up with: “A Hollywood stunt performer who moonlights as a wheelman discovers that a contract has been put on him after a heist gone wrong.”

You read that and you think, “there is no way I’m going to watch that shit!” Well, you are wrong darling, you are wrong. I’m really not sure how they came up with one of the great movies of the year, but they trully nailed it. The soundtrack is fucking great, the history somehow turns into something interesting and the jacket that the main character uses is as amazing as my last post regarding comparison algorithm.


I'm going ask Santa Claus this jacket for Christmas

Main point is, THE MOVIE IS NOT COMING TO BRASIL (I hate Brasil with Z, it’s stupid, not sure I wrote it with Z before) and that kind of annoys me. Great movie, winner of some crazy award in Cannes and we won’t see it. We only get Harry Potter, Captain America and tons of other stupid movies. Well, so we need three things:

1- A swedish friend with inside information

2- Have a good pc that can run videos without crashing or reseting (yes, that’s my case)

3- Download the movie from some crazy website full of virus or break the HTML of the website, change the script and get it from there.

No time to do number 3 now, so I will do it later today or tomorrow. I promess to share asap

While you don’t have the entire movie, here is the trailer:

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