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Peru: so, let’s start with Lima.

novembro 28, 2011

Dear Readers,

Before you even ask why am I starting this with a title like that, I’ll give you the heads up. Peru is justa n awsome country and really few people that I know think about to visit. People here in Brazil are Always thinking about the US or Europe and they do forget that sometimes when can have way more fun at the neighbours’ party.

Now, let’s get to my trip. Basically, I spent 10 days in Peru between Lima, Cusco, Aguas Calientes and Macchu Picchu. It was enough time to get to know these places, but that are definetly some other places in Peru that I’ll let for my next trip, such as Titicaca Lake (both Peruvian and Bolivian sides) and Arequipa, for example.

So, let’s talk about Lima 1st.
Most people just land in Lima and head directly to Cusco/Macchu Picchu, but my friends and I decided it was worth to try to get to know the town a bit, so we spent 2 days and 3 nights there, which was just right time.

Basically, what I can tell you about Lima is that are 2 great things to do:
1. Restaurants: in general, you are gonna eat great food in Peru, specially in Lima and for a pretty good price, so enjoy it! It’s not the place to save money with food (even though I gotta be honest with you that I rather save Money with everything but food). If had to choose justo ne restaurant to recommend you would be “Pescados Capitales“ ( Everything there is super recommended, specially the seafood and the veal, and for drink you can get there the best Pisco Sour in the world.

2. Circuito Magico del Agua: this place is in the Guiness Book of Records, because it has more water fountain
s than anywhere else in the world and believe some of them are beauuuuutiful. The place just starts to work at 4pm, but my recommendation is to go about 7 or 8pm when some water shows starts. Bear in mind that you can interact with some of the fountains, so go with some clothes that you can get wet.

Of course there are some other interesting things to do in Lima, such as: Museo del Oro, Museo Nacional, visit downtown, a couple of good night clubs (Gotica), walk around Miraflores and so on, but I believe only those 2 things above are the 2 things none can afford to lose.

In the next post: Cusco.

Cheers, Beso, Tschuss e aquele abraço,

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