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Where fun relies in Peru? Believe me, the word is CUSCO.

dezembro 1, 2011

Every time I think about Cusco, what comes to my mind is this is the town, where things really happen in Peru. Cusco is a stopping point for every traveller in South America. Many people don’t go up center or north Peru and once Cusco is the most important city in South, almost 100% of the tourists stop there before go down to Macchu Picchu.

Cusco doesn’t have much museums or indoor activities, but that are 2 things in Cusco that are really worth it: cultural activities and radical sports, for those who like.

We decided to start with the sports and among many different options, such as: paragliding, rafting, horseback riding; we end up choosing Quadracycle.

I can definitely say it was just AWSOME!

We drove for 2 hours among beautiful “cerros” half an hour away from Cusco with a guide, but at the end of the day, the true is that sometimes “boys just wanna have fun”.


In terms of cultural activities the most important options are Valle Sagrado or Saqsayman (which comes along with other touristic points). Once, we didn’t have enough time, we had to choose just one and it was Saqsayman, mainly because we heard Valle Sagrado was pretty much alike Macchu Picchu, but more destroyed.

Saqsayman ride was pretty interesting, even though we definitely didn’t choose the best way to visit, once we were on a city tour. I don’t knwo which other option you have to visit those places, but city tours definitely sucks everywhere and this one was no difference.


Last but not least, here are a few more tips about what to do/visit in Cusco:


  1. GO OUT at night. Believe, this is one of the coolest things about Cusco;
  2. Stay at Wild Rover Hostel. Lots of party, fun and people from all around the globe;
  3. Have dinner at Map Restaurant. It’s a bit fancy and expensive, but with greaaat food.


Cheers, beijos, kussen,


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