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Does Marijuana Legalization Lead to Fewer Traffic Fatalities?

dezembro 5, 2011

In Brasil (yes, with S!) things are getting complicated when you mix drinking and driving. Several car accidents made our police more severe and intense. Several blitzes are being made during those long weekend nights… Main point is, going out and not drinking sounds absurd, but killing people while you are drunk sounds a little worse. How we solve this?

In the USA 16 states have passed medical marijuana laws, yet very little is known about their effects. Legalization of medical marijuana is associated with increased use of marijuana among adults, but not among minors. In addition, legalization is associated with a nearly 9 percent decrease in traffic fatalities, most likely to due to its impact on alcohol consumption.


1- We have a strong evidence that marijuana and alcohol are substitutes.

2- Planet Hemp was trying to save lifes when they said: “Legalize Já”.

3- I should destroy my home bar.

Just for the record, I don’t smoke anything and I’m not asking for Marijuana legalization, I’m just a terrible economist who came to say hi to the world.

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