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The Cherry

dezembro 7, 2011

Let’s finally talk about Macchu Picchu. As you can imagine, this was definetly the most importante place the we all wanted to visit during this trip and the main reason why everyone chooses to travel to Peru.

So, considering all of that, our expectations were expectatly high, but I’m please to say, all of them were definetly met during our visit.

The Trip

It’s not easy and simple to get to Macchu Picchu. In my case, I had to take a flight from São Paulo to Lima (5 hours), them another flight from Lima to Cusco (1,5 hours), them a cab from Cusco to Poroy (0,5 hour), them a train to Aguas Calientes (3,5 hours) and last but not least a bus up to Macchu Picchu (0,5 hour).

Both the train trip and the bus up to Macchu Picchu can be done by trekking. The 1st one, could be a 4 days trekking, which I only recommend if you have lots of time and specially if you like camping, otherwise this is not any fun.

Peru Rail Train


Aguas Calientes

This small “pueblo“ in the middle of the jungle was only built in 1990 and of course, due touristic support reasons. We spent a couple of nights there, which I recommend for everyone.

In half a day and can walk around the whole town and get to bed early, once @ 5am we were at the bus stop waiting to get the 1st bus to the town. Once you get back, only things that you wanna do is to get a massage, what you can easily find there, and them bed, so I don’t recommend to go back to Cusco at the same day, but just early morning in the next day.


Macchu Picchu

There is no way to visit Macchu Picchu without a guide, so get one! It’s not that expensive and it’s really worth it, once they will explain to you what exactly spot of Macchu Picchu meant for the Incas, which is fascinating.

We entered the city at 6am, by the time the city opened, and we spent about 3 hours walking aroung the middle and low part of the town. Once, we got tickets to go up to Wayna Picchu, we started the 1,5 hour hiking up the top at 9am. It’s was just the perfect time, because by the time we got there the whole sky was clear almost without clouds and with no rain at all, which is really lucky for november.

Well, once an image says more than 1000 words, I’ll let them speak now…

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