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If the Oscar was called Pedro

março 8, 2012


Everyone knows how the 84th Oscar Cerimony was and happy or not for that, The Artist was the big winner of the night with 5 of the most importante awards (Best Movie, Director, Leading Actor, Soundtrack and Costums), while Hugo won also 5 awards, but all technical ones.

Truth is that the Oscar is very predictable, when you look at previous awards in the year, such as Golden Globe, SAG and others; so there ir no major celebration if you got most of your guesses right.

On other hand, what I propose here is to nominate which movies would be the winners, in case I could personally choose them. So, here it goes my list:

Best Motion Picture: Hugo

Best Director: Martin Scorcese (by Hugo)

Best Leading Actor: Jean Dujardin* (The Artist)

Best Leading Actress: Meryl Streep (The Iron Lady)

Best Supporting Action: Max Von Sidow (Extremely Loud and Incredible Close) or Nick Nolte (The Warrior). I really can’t choose in this category.

Best Supporting Actress: Octavia Spencer* (The Help)

Best Original Script: Midnight in Paris*

Best Adapted Script: Hugo

Best Photography: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Best Custom Design: The Artist*

Best Make-Up: The Iron Lady*

Best Song: Real in Rio (Rio)

On top of my agony of choosing in Supporting Actor Category, there is a really importante mention here, which is that even though I chose Jean as my favorite in Leading Actor category, it’s a shame for the academy not to have nominated Leonardo Di Caprio for J. Edgar, which would be my choice, in case it was nominated.

How about you? What would be the winners if the Oscar had your name?

There it goes my favorite movie thriller


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